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Critical thinking is a way of thinking – about any subject, content, or problem – that improves the quality of your thinking and promotes well-being.

“Well-being is defined as a sense of health and vitality that arises from your thoughts, emotions, actions, and experiences. When we have well-being, we feel happy, healthy, socially connected, and purposeful most of the time. We can improve our well-being by building a certain set of skills.” – Tchiki Davis, MA, PhD


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Desert Voices is a collaborative team of creators and curators helping people spiritually thrive in a new era.

Whoever you are, you matter, and your story matters, you are seen, you are heard. Most importantly, you belong to the Divine and in a big, beautiful, diverse human family, and you have a VOICE in the matter of your own spirituality.


Let's co-create a more just, equitable, and beautiful world together.

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The Desert Voices Podcast

Over 60 hours of engaging conversations that facilitate learning with diverse voices focused on how we go about the business living in a way that embodies connection, curiosity, collaborative power, and most importantly… offers a framework of radical love. 

Jill Elizabeth - Podcast Guest

Your spirituality is dependent upon fire

Fire is a cleansing agent that burns away dead, oppressive, and tyrannical doctrines accumulated over time. Fire is the catalyst to our flourishing.

The cross is a powerful symbol. What does it mean?

  • Are you deconstructing your faith?
    Are you interrogating what you believe and why?
    Are you looking at the impact of your life and faith on the world around you?


This is a series of UNLEARNING that engages our head center of intelligence along with stories, art, questions, and resources to activate our heart and gut centers of intelligence as well.

You get to save time on this podcast and learn alongside us as we critically think and engage our experience with The Indigenous People’s History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz.

Jill Elizabeth and Shaleen Kendrick explore how origin stories shape our ideas, actions, holidays, and ways we raise our children in this country. How do manifest destiny, the myth of the covenant, Andrew Jackson, and Christian missionaries impact our lives? Come find out.


Our Focus is to promote well-being by integrating our three centers of intelligence.

Head center (IQ) + Heart center (EQ) + Gut center (SQ) = Well-Being


Executive Culture Coaching

Shaleen Kendrick, MDiv
Corporate Culture Coach

Advocate | Curious Mind | Enneagram Practitioner

Shaleen has spent the last 20 years teaching, coaching, and educating people all over the country. She is a trained and skilled communicator who empowers individuals and teams to cultivate empathetic communication and collaborative power.

Her personal mission is to promote well-being for all creation through integrating our Three Centers of Intelligence.

As a member of Culture Conscious, she brings her unique perspective, academics, and range of experience to Fortune 1000 brands.

shaleen@cultureconscious.work  | cultureconscious.work | LinkedIn

Desert Voices was born from passionate and gritty conversations of loss, pain, joy, and love.