Season 2 Promo

Season 2 Promo

SEASON 2 HERE WE COME…Launching January 25, 2021

Thank you for joining us in our Rookie Year – Season ONE  was a ride. 

We are learning as we go, and yes, we made many mistakes. This first season was healing for us as well as so many of you. It was challenging, adventurous, and filled with NEW connections. Both Holland and I made (much-needed) NEW friendships with many of you this season. Thank you…this community is an OASIS in the desert.

Thank you for connecting with us via the podcast, Instagram, direct messages, zoom calls, emails, and in person. So many of you have shared your story with us, bringing community and connection. We are grateful to be on this journey together.

Time is the most valuable asset you have. Heck, it’s the most valuable asset we have as well! We commit to consistently providing content that checks these boxes:

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Every artist has an agenda, and we are no exception. Our agenda is to spark curiosity and boldly explore spirituality. We are convinced curiosity and exploration (not conquest) push the human race forward. 

Lucille Clifford, one of our favorite poets, said, “We can’t create what we cannot imagine.” Sit with that a moment. 

We cannot create what we cannot first imagine. We believe curiosity leads to imagination! Holland and I imagine a world that walks away from patriarchy, toxic power, and racism. We envision a world that prioritizes collaborative power and human flourishing…for all humankind.

Especially after the events of January 6th, I think we can all agree we MUST work together to heal our country. We believe healing and wholeness begin with the stories we tell ourselves and the images of God we uphold.

We have a kick-ass season TWO coming up with a line up of brilliant guests who ask hard questions. 

  • Spoken word poet, rapper, and hip hop artist Micah Bournes offers challenging stories and a clear call to action in conversations around race in America.

  • Our star crush, Dr. Christine Painter, gives us the gift of her grounded wisdom. Her work is life-giving. Before Season TWO kicks off, you have time to go back to Season One, Episodes 1-3! She inspires us all to become 21st-century mystics, committed to social justice and action!

  • Author, activist, pastor, and friend Doug Pagitt cast a vision for what it looks like for you to be greater than Jesus! He offers some mic dropping wisdom on “Believe” vs. “Belief.”

  • Dr. Thomas Jay Oord joins us with powerful explanations to the Problem of Evil. He challenges us with the concept of “God Can’t” – straight heresy there?

  • Our spouses, Sam and Chadwick, join us for two episodes that had us rolling. We get a ton of listeners in our community asking, have you shifted at the same time as your partner? SPOILER ALERT… HELL NO! And yes, there’s conflict – come find out what happens in these spicy partnership episodes!

  • We are working on a 5-part series ramping up to Easter that boldly explores our images of God. What the hell happened on the Cross!? Spend Lent with us! We challenge and reframe common understandings of Sin with guest Colby Martin. We continue telling stories about our shift. We engage the Cross, Scripture, and community from different perspectives. Come with us as we ponder why it all matters.

  • The Cross series will have PDF writings for each episode available via Patreon. We are working hard to complete this PDF series as a resource, companion, and guide. Don’t worry, it’s not fill in the blank!

Thank you for joining us. We look forward to the adventure of Season TWO.

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