Here’s the Big Idea

What happens to your faith when you ask a lot of questions?

What if the nature of God is rooted in a story of love, change, and becoming? I will never have this all worked out, but I am beginning to see how often I read the Bible with Western eyes and interpretations, instead of Jewish eyes. Somehow, I lost the Jewishness of Jesus. =

Does that matter? 

What happens when we shift into a more Jewish narrative where the nature of God is both: perfect love which is unchanging AND ALSO a relationship with me which changes and grows?

Maybe You’ve Heard This Before?

Without a doubt, God is sometimes depicted as violent and monstrous in the Bible. I wrestled with the Old Testament ideas of a murderous God. I started to ask hard questions and wonder why I worshiped such a terrifying deity. In fact, I was more comfortable not thinking about it. Except for those damned questions…

  • If I believe God is at least somewhat violent, is it easier to imagine God needs to punish us for sin?

  • If I believe God’s nature is partly violent, could I affirm “sacred violence” as a means to salvation?

  • Speaking of, what is “sacred violence” or “redemptive violence”?

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