Kaleidoscopes and the Cross

Kaleidoscopes and the Cross

“When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I am old, I admire kind people.”

– Abraham Heschel – 

Here’s the Big Idea…

The ancient narrative of Yahweh (a Hebrew name for God) is a story of created relationships, fragmented relationships, and redeemed relationships. It has been a life-giving story for us, while at the same time, there have been underlying presumptions in our Christian faith that have been destructive. Understanding how we got here––how we came to believe what we believe––has helped A LOT.

We had always heard that we could not pick and choose what we believed if we wanted to be Christians. 

Who knew you actually do have the freedom to affirm some aspects of your faith tradition while rethinking or departing from other elements of it?!

For us, this wisdom was revolutionary, not to mention healing.

The word “voice” is a literary term. It means that characters in a story have the “power and authority to have a say in a matter.” As the lead character of your story, you have a voice in your spirituality. You have POWER and AUTHORITY in your own spirituality. You DO NOT have to believe what the institutions have taught you. You have a say in what you believe.

Your experiences and voice carry weight in relationships and the process of co-creating. 

Your story matters. Your voice matters to God. You matter in this world. 

Let’s co-create and sing together.

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