Courage is Contagious

Courage is Contagious

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Courage isn’t easy

2020 is the year of contagion! If something is contagious it spreads from one person or organism to another by direct or indirect contact. It is infectious! 

Contagion is top of mind right now, so let’s talk about how contagious COURAGE is! Courage spreads from one person to the next. When you witness courage it has a way of touching our soul and transforms how we live. 

Join in the conversation as we share stories of courage and offer a toolbox to tap into your passions. What are you passionate about and where is Divine Goodness inviting you to contribute to human flourishing? Courage has the power to heal us and connect us together. It gives us the oomph we need to live into our passions? Courage helps us imagine a more beautiful world and inspires us to co-create it!

“Holland and Shaleen help push through fear and don’t avoid it. Courage isn’t without fear. Only in the spaces of fear can one be courageous. Without fear, it’s something else other than courage. The unknown is scary. Life is scary. Courage is leaning into the moments of fear in pursuit of being ourselves—in those moments we become the people we were made to be.” – Josh


The Womanist Ide – Layli Maparyan

Dare to Lead – Brere Brown

Find Your Why – Simon Sinek 

God Has A Dream – Desmond Tutu

Dance of the Dissonant Daughter – Sue Monk Kidd

Universal Christ – Richard Rohr

Holy Adventure: 41 Days of Audacious Living

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