Growing up & Melting Fear with Shaleen’s Sisters

Growing up & Melting Fear with Shaleen’s Sisters

These two episodes get real. 

Recorded late at night, in a cozy studio, with tequila, and my people…You’re welcome world!

Episode 15: Part 1 with my sisters opens up with childhood memories of Shanda and I terrorizing Sierra. If you need a good laugh, LISTEN IN. You will crack up along with us as we remember the good ol’ days driving the “maxi pad,” army crawling through parks, and surprise attacks!

The story arcs in this episode as we move from laughter to tears. Sierra opens up about her raw, rocky, and unique journey into parenting. You get to join the intimate conversation as Sierra describes being a first time mom and finding out her daughter has Down Syndrome and congenital heart disease. Sierra powerfully takes us on her spiritual journey through Sadie’s two open heart surgeries, ICU, and what it was like for her to experience God in the midst of fear.

Episode 16: Part 2 Holland, Sierra, and I fall off our chairs laughing as Shanda brings down the house sharing her childhood nightmare of being “Left Behind” with Kirk Cameron!

We narrow in on why our faith has shifted, parenting from a new perspective, and what it looks like to dismantle fear.

“Fear is highly motivating.”

– Shanda

Shanda beautifully describes how fear was a primary motivator to pursue a relationship with God.  What happens when fear melts away?
Come find out!

PLEASE NOTE: In these two episodes we really let our hair down and depart from our usual PG-13 language. Listen at your own discretion. Get ready to go deep, cry, laugh, and ask hard questions.


Lies We Believe About God – William Paul Young

Welcome to Holland by Emily Perl Kingsley – a poem

God Can’t – Thomas Jay Oord 

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