Exploring the “Sinner’s Prayer” and Belonging

Exploring the “Sinner’s Prayer” and Belonging

Episode 14 – Exploring the “Sinner’s Prayer” and Belonging

I am afraid of this episode.

Holland and I boldly explore the practical implication of the “Sinner’s Prayer.” A prayer we never questioned and preached for years…until… 

Join the conversation as we examine the connection between saying the “Sinner’s Prayer” and belonging in the family of God. Who belongs? Who’s in? Who’s out? 

What happens when you put a face to the “statements of faith” you profess?

In this thought-provoking episode, we take you behind closed doors into conversations with my pastor that have changed my perspective…conversations that change what we think about the nature of God and end up changing how we live in the world.

This episode does not offer answers. Instead, we participate in the ancient art of healing through storytelling. You get to decide what to do with the stories.


  • How and when should you have hard conversations? 

    • Don’t blow up Holiday dinners if you can avoid it – AND ALSO, don’t avoid critically thinking about your faith either! 

  • What does critically thinking about your statements of faith look like?

  • How do the stories in this episode sit with you? What are you feeling?

  • What does “faith seeking understanding” mean to you?

  • What stories are healing for you?

  • What questions come up for you?


Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches by Audre Lorde


Freakshow by Micah Bournes

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