Non-Violence, Twilight, Buddha, & The Cross…Let’s Talk!

Non-Violence, Twilight, Buddha, & The Cross…Let’s Talk!

My good friend, Laura Beth Buchleiter asked me a while back, “What if all ministers of the Gospel first took a version of the Hippocratic oath? What if as ministers of the Gospel we first pledged to, Do No Harm.”

That idea has really stuck with me…what if?

Is the nature of God violent, non-violent, or somewhere in between? What is violence anyway? Is it possible to do harm when sharing the Good News of Jesus?

T Mark Montoya said, “We need to unlearn things by rethinking the reason why they existed in the first place.”

Come with us as we UNLEARN.

We are unlearning that our faith is not a shield against pain. Hell, there is no shield. What does that mean my faith is then?

In this episode, we explore the concept of non-violence, obviously talk about Twilight, think about some stories from the Buddha, and focus on the Cross. Wondering how all these things fit together…come find out in EPISODE 20!


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