Prophetic Imagination with Micah Bournes

Prophetic Imagination with Micah Bournes

Micah with is book Here Comes This Dreamer

Micah with is book Here Comes This Dreamer

One of our favorite resources – Walter Bruggeman – writes, “The imagination is defined as nothing less than ‘the magnificent cause of being.’ Clearly, human transformative activity depends upon a transformed imagination…What the prophetic tradition knows is that it could be different, and the difference can be enacted.”

What is the difference you imagine? 

We imagine a world, a spirituality, that values collaborative power, equity, justice, reconciliation, embodiment, connection, and human flourishing for ALL humankind. 

It is possible…if only we can first imagine it. 

We are fully convinced this is the way of Jesus. Jesus taps into our imagination offering us a way to be fully human, fully alive, fully in our body! 

Can you imagine experiencing wholeness and connection?

Christianity has lost its way over time and married Empire mentality. A toxic hierarchy Holland and I unsuspectingly participated in and perpetuated for far too long. 

Prophetic, imaginative, voices called to us from the desert! Crying out in the wilderness for a new way of being. Voices like Micah Bournes.

Micah is a hip-hop artist, poet, creative, and man of faith from Long Beach California. In addition to his culture-changing art, he teaches and speaks on creative writing, pursuing justice, and the way of Jesus. 

These two episodes, punctuated with Micah’s music and stories, paint a picture for us to imagine a new way of being and acting out on the world. 

Join the conversation about social justice, Jesus, race, and shampoo bottles!

E: 21 Questions to spark your curiosity

  • Interrogate your definition of success

    • How did Micah’s definition sit w/ you or inspire you?

  • What in Micah’s message resonates with you?

  • What does antiracism work in your life look like?

  • How can you own your own bias?

  • Where can you move more slowly and learn to be more aware? 

  • What is the more beautiful world you dream of? 

E: 22 Questions to spark your curiosity

  • What healing do you need in your life?

  • What challenges you?

  • What makes you uncomfortable?

  • What is the more beautiful world you dream of? 

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